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Satisfy your hunger with Kar’s Nuts Caramel Sweet ‘N Salty Trail Mix. Each serving provides a quick snack that’s gluten-free and free of hydrogenated oils and trans fats. All of Kar’s Nuts products are also Kosher Certified. Plus, the resealable bag keeps this caramel snack mix fresh in between snack breaks. Kar’s Nuts Caramel Sweet ‘N Salty Trail Mix features a uniquely delicious combination of salty roasted peanuts and cashews combined with sweet sea salt caramel flavored peanuts, our exclusive sea salt caramel flavored candies and chewy raisins. They make great travel snacks and are an easy addition to kids’ lunches, concession stands, the office breakroom snacks stash, fundraising events and more. (Consider faster shipping options during warmer months to accommodate weather effects on chocolate). Since our humble beginnings in 1933 outside of Tiger Stadium, Kar’s Nuts has become a nationwide sensation—and it all started with good ol’ roasted peanuts. You could say we pioneered the Sweet ‘N Salty movement, and if you did, you’d be right.